Alastair Bovim

Founder & CEO

As a co-founder and CEO of Insight Terra, Alastair Bovim is accountable for the business performance, operations and strategy of the company.  Alastair has a proven executive track record with more than 25 years of experience managing diverse teams in the technology industry.

Prior to co-founding Insight Terra, Alastair was the CEO of Inmarsat Solutions SA and Vice President of Service & Project Delivery for the Inmarsat Enterprise Business Unit.   At Inmarsat he led the adoption of a solution and services approach using agile principles to deliver mission critical systems to customers in government, energy utilities and mining in an iterative and collaborative manner.  

Alastair has a passion for technology and the environment and worked closely with an NGO called Resolve over the last 5 years  to develop and implement an artificial intelligence based anti-poaching system to protect wildlife in Africa.