Water Infrastructure

Monitoring the environmental risks associated with critical water infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, river and flood controls.


Critical water management infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, river and flood control systems, are extremely vulnerable to climate driven impacts. Increased erosion, extreme fluctuations in water levels, changes in vegetation and prolonged drying during hot weather, and more frequent and severe storm events, can combine to exploit existing weaknesses that may exist in the dam design or construction.


  • Urban flooding
  • Dam and reservoir facility instability and failure
  • Increased stress on water management systems and operations

Our Solution

Real-time environmental monitoring of water dams, reservoirs and flood control systems are critical to avoiding and mitigating the numerous potential negative impacts. The Insight Platform has been deployed as an Environmental Risk Management (ERM) platform for such critical water infrastructure monitoring. In the United Kingdom, for example, the Insight Platform is a key component of the Kielder Reservoir and Forest Park risk monitoring project.

Kielder is a sophisticated ecosystem of agriculture, industry, utility, tourism, and wildlife. Set in a 647 square km of the border region of Northumberland, it boasts the largest man-made reservoir in Europe with a shoreline of 43 km, including a dam measuring 1.2 km in length. The dam controls up to 20 billion litres of water and serves a large amount of Tyneside and Teesside with fresh water.

The Insight Platform can also be utilized to facilitate broader monitoring objectives for governments and enterprises involved in water infrastructure management.

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Kielder Water & Dam Monitoring

The reliable transmission of all the data from the reservoir is made possible by the resilient, all-weather telecoms kiosk that operates 24/7 fully independently off-grid.

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