A highly differentiated platform and service

A flexible, resilient management platform

The Insight Platform is built and run on a microservices architecture, which makes it highly scalable and very resilient. Our software teams can develop, test, update and troubleshoot rapidly and effectively, which means we are able to deploy the platform faster while maintaining a consistently high quality of service.
A screenshot of the data dashboard of the Insight Platform on a desktop monitor

Main features

The Insight Platform combines powerfully with the client dashboard application to deliver a wide range of features.

Real-time rules engine
Interactive data drill down
Open API
Multi-tenant projects
Cross sections
Event-driven notifications
Data range control
Data export
Document management
Topographic images
Monitoring critical parameters
Data validation
Dashboard customization
Manual data capture
User management

Integrate with other software

The Insight Platform can be tailored to significantly enhance its value for each project, by creating:

  • Custom data integrations,
  • Custom visualizations,
  • ERM platform modules,
  • Routines automation,
  • Enterprise systems integrations, and
  • Reporting automation.
A cloud graphic connected to different app icons overlay an aerial view of a city
Cloud Computing

Built upon Amazon Web Services

Hosting our Insight Platform in the AWS cloud delivers many benefits directly to our clients - scalability, flexibility, reliability/resilience, high performance, strong data security.

A row of lighted AWS servers

Collaboration is key to success

Insight Terra maintains a number of strategic partnerships that contribute significantly to the uniqueness and breadth of the company's value proposition. One such relationship is with Inmarsat, which provides our integrated resilient satellite data connectivity, ensuring we deliver enterprise grade service assurance at all times.

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A 3D representation of the Inmarsat i6-F1 satellite circling the Earth

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