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A graphic representation of the Insight Platform ecosystem

The Insight Platform

The Insight Platform ingests, aggregates, transforms, validates, processes, stores and visualizes data from varied sources. It is agnostic to the type or make of sensor, IIoT device or other data source and creates derived, calculated and contextual metrics to support analysis and risk management. A single holistic view of all relevant and validated monitoring data significantly reduces the risks associated with multiple data silos.



We ingest data at the Edge from local wireless gateways, from data historians, OT networks and manual sources.
Two workers inspecting a sensor that collects data



Our Edge software normalizes, compresses, re-maps and encodes this raw data for transmission securely to the cloud data pipeline, over terrestrial or satellite connectivity.
A close up of the edge computer on-site at the Kielder Dam



In the Cloud, the decoded raw data is checked against specific valid data ranges and sent for processing (if valid) or storage and further evaluation (if invalid).  
A visualization of numbers and lines showing the validation of computations



Valid data is processed by our business logic algorithms in our data pipeline to create additional derived data. All data is date-time stamped and stored securely. All forms of data which exhibit unusual trends or exceed any pre-programmed warning or critical thresholds levels automatically trigger alerts and notifications to key personnel.
Programming code overlaying a blurred photo of computer servers representing the processing of data



The front-end dashboard client application enables users to customize the manner in which data is displayed, with additional features for journaling, reporting, alerting and integrating third party data sources.
Data visualization graphics overlay a hand working on a tablet
Insight Platform

Dashboard showcase

A highly customizable web client application that provides compelling and insightful visualization of raw, derived and contextualized data from the Insight Platform.

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