Ensuring we exceed your expectations

What do we mean by Optimization?

Each client has unique requirements, even if the fundamental goals are the same – e.g., to be compliant with international standards and national regulations, or extract more value from company data. For this reason, Insight Terra works to ensure its solution is the best fit for your needs through a logical quality-focused process:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Quality Management
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We listen to you

During the initial discovery phase, we capture and validate your requirements. Our engineers work closely with your team and your other service providers, before we start to design. Our engineers have decades of experience in:

  • Solution design
  • Network design and configuration
  • Multi-discipline software design and development
  • Data fusion and modelling
  • Data interpolation and analytical models
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Plan for success

Our engineers next develop the project implementation plan, and review and agree milestones and dependencies with you and your team, collaborating closely with relevant third-parties. A quality-focused approach to project management is key to success, and our processes ensure the outcomes you require. Key workstreams during this phase include:

  • Asset data gathering and validation
  • Cloud platform set-up
  • Edge software configuration
  • Edge to Cloud data flow
  • Dashboard set-up and customization
  • Customer training
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Accelerating time to value

Once the service is operational, we can provide a range of additional professional services to assist a customer in accelerating the ‘time to value’ of the Insight Platform. Examples of additional professional services include:

  • Bespoke dashboard design and configuration
  • Addition and integration of new sensor types, IIoT devices and/or local networks
  • Integration with customer’s platforms or specific third-party data sources
  • Design and integration of automated data-forwarding to customers’ platforms - data landing zones
  • Data interpolation, fusion and modelling
  • Design and development of new platform features and functions
Quality Management

QMS and Customer Satisfaction

Insight Terra aligns itself closely to the ISO organisation and follows the international standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001:2015. We are continually improving the quality of our products and services to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Quality Management oversees all Insight Terra interactions, activities, processes, policies and procedures to achieve this goal.
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Norwegian Land Stability Monitoring

An IoT-based monitoring system to monitor the stability of land in remote areas of Norway with reduced or no cell phone network coverage

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