Quality Management

Continual improvement through quality and agility

What is Quality Management?

A quality management system is a formalized framework to organize a business’s policies, processes and procedures; with the ultimate goal of consistently meeting customer requirements and building a sustainable business.

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Insight Terra and international standards

By following the international standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001:2015, we align ourselves to the ethos of the ISO organization.  We are continually improving the quality of our products and services to consistently meet and then exceed our customers’ expectations. A Quality Management culture infuses all our interactions, activities, processes, policies and procedures.

Quality management principles

Customer focus

The greatest beneficiary of the Insight Terra Quality Management System is our customers.


The senior leadership team at Insight Terra sets a very strong example, creating a culture of quality which extends throughout our organization.

Evidence-based decision making

At Insight Terra, we seek to employ evidence based, data driven decision making.

Process approach

At Insight Terra, we employ a process driven approach where quality and continual improvement is built in from the start.

Engagement of people

Quality is company-wide commitment by Insight Terra, with training ensuring ongoing competence and career growth. Highly skilled employees are valued at Insight Terra for their commitment and pro-active approach.

Relationship management

We strive to understand, enhance, engage stakeholders and interested parties to form and maintain excellent relationships to ensure success.


Continual improvement is maintained by regular review, iterations and lessons learnt, by understanding and capturing customer requirements, and by seizing opportunities for improvement.

Agile + Quality

The combination of Agile Methodology and Quality Management is greater than the sum of their parts. The two are highly complementary and share similar approaches, such as ‘one team with a shared vision’.

By combining these two methodologies, we embrace the best of both worlds and achieve continual improvement. This can be captured succinctly by the PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT cycle.

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