Mitigating the impact of geohazards caused by climate change.


Increasingly dramatic changes in climate conditions, and more extreme swings from drought and higher temperatures to heavy rainfall and flooding are causing more frequent occurrences of landslides, rockslides, rockfalls, debris flow and other geo-environmental incidents.  The impact of these incidents to property, infrastructure and the environment needs to be mitigated through real-time monitoring data trend analysis which will enable development of empirical prediction models for early warning.


  • Damage to transport infrastructure – road and rail
  • Damage to residential, commercial and government property and buildings
  • Injury and loss of life
  • Economic activity affected

Our Solution

The Insight Platform provides a real-time geo-environmental monitoring platform that can be integrated with any combination of electronic automated sensors and data acquisition networks to provide a holistic end-to-end solution.  

Typically, many geo-environmental monitoring sites suffer from very patchy or no terrestrial communications coverage, and so an important component of a solution to ensure effective continuous real-time monitoring of high-risk geohazards is an independent resilient backhaul communications functionality.  Insight Terra provides, where necessary, a fully integrated all-weather telecommunications kiosk that incorporates independent power storage and generation (solar and wind-turbine), LoRaWan wireless gateway to aggregate data feeds from automated sensors, edge-based compute node for data optimisation, and satellite communications for backhaul to the cloud-based Insight Platform.

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Featured Case Study

Norwegian Land Stability Monitoring

An IoT-based monitoring system to monitor the stability of land in remote areas of Norway with reduced or no cell phone network coverage

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