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The commitment to our customers is ESG 360

Company culture

At Insight Terra, we strive to embed ESG into our core values and identity
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Customers, partners, markets

We view the entirety of our business and operations through an ESG lens
ESG Solutions

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Our products and services enable customers to achieve their ESG objectives
The Insight Platform
A screenshot of the Insight Platform Overview Dashboard on a desktop monitor
The Platform

Providing real-time actionable insight into critical monitoring data

An Environmental Risk Management (ERM) platform that provides actionable insight into validated and critical monitoring data.

See how the Insight Platform transforms raw sensor data into calculated and contextual metrics that provide unrivalled visualizations of key monitoring variables.

A fully featured ERM platform for any size task, anywhere, any time

Fully configurable

High confidence data


El Soldado Mine Tailings Monitoring

A comprehensive data management platform to continuously monitor, report on and visualize the tailings dam health and structural integrity
About Us

Our values

Insight Terra is committed to diversity, inclusion, and social and environmental sustainability in all of its operations and business practices. 

Two workers inspecting a piezometer
Decades of collective experience
Diverse team across 3 continents
Strong advisory board of experts

We have you covered

An agile and scalable platform that adapts to the monitoring needs of any geo-environmental risk management scenario.

Insight Terra is a member of the Tailings Protect Consortium.
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