Real Time Monitoring and Risk Management of Mine Tailings and Water

Solving Mining Challenges

Mine owners and operators are under significant pressure to improve the monitoring and risk management of their tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and water in order to:
  • comply with the new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)
  • secure or reduce the cost of insurance cover for their TSFs
  • comply with new legislation on TSF management
  • comply with the requirements of a host nation's regulator
  • meet investors' ESG compliance demands
The failure of a mine tailings storage facility is arguably one of the most significant existential risks to community, the environment and the business

Actionable High Quality Insight

We capture data at the edge from multiple sources including vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, borehole ground water monitors and from spreadsheets and other historians. This raw data is collated and aggregated, and then brought to life on our cloud-based dashboard.

We treat the data to a rigorous programme of enrichment, analytics, geo-tagging, time-stamping, and other validation checks, and then make it available in real time on a customizable dashboard. Multiple trigger levels can be set for all data sources, enabling notifications and alerts to be sent to key staff when a trigger level is reached – providing high quality actionable insight into the status of the mine’s TSF and ground water, helping a mine comply with the GISTM…

...from terra incognita to insight terra.