The Platform

Providing real-time actionable insight into all your critical data

A data management platform that makes sense of disparate and large sets of data.

Link your Edge-based operational data to Cloud-based analysis for optimum insight and decision support.

Analyse, contextualise and store your critical data securely in the Cloud.

A fully featured platform for any size task, anywhere, any time

Agnostic and fully

Trust and confidence
in your data

Resilient and

El Soldado Mine Geotechnical Monitoring

A comprehensive data management platform to continuously monitor, validate, transform and visualize critical infrastructure data
About Us

Our values

Insight Terra is committed to diversity, inclusion, and social and environmental sustainability in all of its operations and business practices. 

Decades of collective experience
Diverse team across 3 continents
Strong advisory board of experts

We have you covered

An agile and scalable platform that adapts to the monitoring needs of any sector.

Learn how we can help you manage your critical data

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