El Soldado Mine Tailings Monitoring

A comprehensive data management platform to control a major risk

Anglo American
Monitoring of mine tailings storage facilities
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Anglo American is one of the world’s leading global mining companies whose products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life.  The company’s Sustainable Mining Plan sets out a number of goals to support its strategic objectives of creating a healthy environment, thriving communities and unlocking enduring value for its shareholders. Control of risks is a vital component of the Sustainable Mining Plan, and tailings storage facilities constitute one of the company’s major risks that demand effective critical controls.

The client’s need

Anglo American’ objective is to develop a comprehensive data management platform for the El Soldado tailings storage facility, deploying a range of leading-edge sensor and instrumentation technologies managed by the Insight Terra Tailings Insight Platform.  This initiative is part of Anglo American’s FutureSmart MiningTM programme and will serve as a proof of concept for a group-wide, industry-leading tailings monitoring solution.

Our solution

Insight Terra provides a resilient and secure edge- and cloud-based data management and monitoring platform for the Anglo American mine at El Soldado.  The edge-based compute node integrates with all nine different sensor types, totalling 108 separate instruments monitoring 500 data monitoring points in, under, around and on the tailings storage facility.  All this raw monitoring data is transformed, validated, processed, stored and displayed, supporting analytics and decision making.

To address the need for reliable communications at this remote location, the solution also incorporates a resilient telecommunications component.  An all-weather container houses the edge compute node, power storage/management, LoRaWAN gateway and Inmarsat satellite terminal, and is supported by PV solar arrays for totally independent remote operation.

How is Anglo American benefiting from the solution?

Anglo American sought to improve the monitoring of its critical controls at each of its tailings storage facilities, to ensure much greater visibility, enhanced management reporting and better control over one of the company’s greatest risks.

The Insight Platform has delivered efficient, secure and resilient near real-time monitoring of the tailings storage facility in accordance with the requirements of its design engineers, Golder and in compliance with the new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM).

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