Insight Terra & the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Tailings Insight, built on the Insight Platform, is a powerful, real-time tailings storage facility (TSF) monitoring solution addressing key requirements of GISTM.

Preventing disasters

The combination of climate change and inadequate monitoring is leading directly to catastrophic failures of mine tailings dams with a consequent loss of life and environmental damage - Tailings Insight enables more effective management of the controls associated with risks at the nexus of tailings dams and natural environments.
Disaster after the Brumadinho tailings dam collapsed

Working together for a solution

Working with the global mining industry, customers, subject matter experts, Engineers of Record and ICMM stakeholders, Insight Terra brought a scalable and extensible mine tailings monitoring solution to the market – Tailings Insight.

The value of
Tailings Insight

Tailings Insight is designed specifically to assist a mine operator achieve compliance with the monitoring requirements of Principle 7 of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM), delivering a comprehensive value proposition towards the goal of zero harm to people and the environment.

  • A comprehensive layer of accountability for all stakeholders
  • An improved safety environment with alerts and notifications
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