The Insight Platform

Environmental Risk Management

The Insight Platform is an environmental and infrastructure risk management platform that makes sense of data from different sensors and connectivity types, monitoring TSFs and water at a mine site in real time.

The Insight Platform:

  • processes this data into a single unified management platform, accessible through a visualization dashboard
  • is highly interoperable and can integrate with business ERP process management software, providing deeper insights and calling upon defined workflows
  • is scalable, adaptable, and secure being built upon Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure using a microservices architecture
  • benefits from fully integrated and resilient satellite communications that provide reliable connectivity from the remotest of sites to the cloud at all times, ensuring integrity of data collection
  • is accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time.


Designed as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the Insight Terra edge- and cloud-based platform ingests data from multiple sources, and then validates, cleans, enhances, stores and visualizes the data in a customizable dashboard. External third-party data and information can be integrated seamlessly into this visualization to provide an extended and richer picture of the client’s assets, and the environment in which they operate.

At the heart of the solution is a secure and proven 3rd generation cloud-based data management platform, built on a microservices architecture. This design enables agility, adaptability and scalability in its configuration to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Our Process


Onsite, our Edge data management capability extracts data from all types of sources – VWPs, PLCs, borehole ground water sensors, historians, databases, ERP systems.


We then carry out a number of transformation actions on the data – clean it, align it, add labelling and other metadata tags, plus light touch validation.


Next the data enters our processing pipeline, where it is further enriched, validated and interpreted; we carry out anomaly detection and apply business rules.


Further down the processing pipeline, the data is subject to further analysis and mapping, before it is stored securely for presentation to the dashboard.


Finally, the data is brought into our customizable dashboard where alerts and notifications can be set via our rules engine, giving real-time insight.