Landslides occur in almost every region of the globe and can cause long lasting disruptions to local and regional populations and economies.


Landslides pose pervasive risks to critical infrastructure such as transportation networks and power distribution, along with threatening homes, businesses and communities in high-risk areas. In addition to earthquakes and volcanic activity, landslides are increasingly the result of climate-related events such as drought, extreme rainfall/snow and deforestation resulting from wildfires.


  • Large-scale damage and disruption to transportation networks including roads, highways and rail lines.
  • Damage to land-based power distribution such as power lines and utilities.

Our Solution

The Insight Platform has been deployed as part of a landslide and avalanche monitoring system for the Norwegian Government. In early 2022, the system triggered an alert that provided a 4-5 hour early warning for a landslide that took place.

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Norwegian Land Stability Monitoring

An IoT-based monitoring system to monitor the stability of land in remote areas of Norway with reduced or no cell phone network coverage

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