Floods are the most common natural disaster globally and the leading cause of natural disaster related deaths worldwide. The World Bank estimates that approximately 29% of the global population lives in areas at risk of major flooding events.


Flooding as a result of rising sea levels, extreme storm events and climate change driven melting of snowpack, glaciers and permafrost increasingly threatens the lives and livelihoods of people and communities across the globe.


The World Resources Institute (WRI) has estimated that globally by 2030, 15 million people and $177 billion in urban property will be impacted annually by coastal flooding, while 132 million people and $535 billion in urban property will be impacted annually due to riverine flooding. 

Our Solution

The Insight Platform is currently in use for reservoir and riverine flood monitoring in the UK. The extension of the Insight Platform for monitoring of broader flood risks is being planned in the UK and elsewhere.

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Kielder Water & Dam Monitoring

The reliable transmission of all the data from the reservoir is made possible by the resilient, all-weather telecoms kiosk that operates 24/7 fully independently off-grid.

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