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Environmental, Social and Governance

Insight Terra is at the forefront of aggregating data to provide meaningful and actionable insights in order to support your ESG strategy.

A new era

ESG is emerging as one of the most important drivers for modern enterprises. This is especially true for businesses and organizations that operate across multiple geographies, interact with the natural environment, and potentially impact local communities.
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Connecting the dots

The impact of every enterprise on the environment and community in which it operates is under ever greater scrutiny by governments, regulators, shareholders, investors, insurers and the communities themselves. Making sense of ESG compliance data and reporting effectively is now vitally important.

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ESG & Insight Terra

For most enterprises, ESG monitoring and compliance is a natural extension of environmental risk management, and the Insight Platform provides integrated ESG solutions. From aggregating and visualizing relevant ESG ground truth data to facilitating better ESG analysis and reporting, we can help customers achieve their ESG goals.
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“Climate risk is investment risk.”

- Larry Fink in 2020, CEO of BlackRock

We have you covered

An agile and scalable platform that adapts to the monitoring needs of any geo-environmental risk management scenario.

The Insight Platform can

  • Make sense of complex data
  • Rapidly deliver critical data to decision makers
  • Process data from any age or type of sensor
  • Adapt to multiple industries and sectors
  • Scale to mission-critical and enterprise-grade requirements
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Recent Case Studies

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