About Us

The Insight Terra Team

With a footprint in five countries across three continents, the Insight Terra team has decades of collective experience in the design, development and operation of data management platforms, from the Edge to the Cloud. Over the last 3 years our team has designed and refined a platform to deliver real-time clarity and transparency into a client’s critical environmental and infrastructure monitoring variables.  

The operational team is complemented by a strong advisory board of mining experts with a collective experience of over 100 years in the industry.

Meet Our Team

A Need for Insight

Today’s business operating landscape exposes a multitude of risks, and places many demands on an organization. Climate change and Covid-19 are creating an ever-more complex risk environment for organizations to manage. And there is increasing and detailed scrutiny of the sustainability and societal impact of an organization – Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) – supporting an organization’s social ‘licence to operate’.

A mining organization’s Licence to Operate may be dependent on multiple and interconnected risk factors - transparency of risk management systems; compliance with standards and legislation; sufficient insurance cover. Managing these risks effectively demands meaningful insight into the data an organization generates from monitoring its critical infrastructure and related environment. In particular, the geo-hazard and water management risks associated with TSFs are increasingly the focus of attention for mine owners, operators, regulators, insurers and investors.

Insight Terra helps a client manage these geotechnical and hydrological risks more effectively. We provide a real-time monitoring and alerting solution that captures and aggregates an organization’s critical sensor data through intelligent edge-based functionality, and then curates and visualizes it, enabling smarter and faster operational decision making – from ‘sensor-to-action’.